Frequently asked questions

What mediums do you work in?

I work in graphite pencil (black & white), color pencil, water color, acrylic, and oils. Depending on what you are looking for, I can help you determine the best medium for your subject.

What's the best photo to use?

I understand that selecting the right photo can be one of the most difficult parts of the process and I'm here to help. You may send me a photo or e-mail me 3-5 photos (or even a full album if you want) and I will let you know which photos I think would work best for your piece of art. I can also provide suggestions on the types of photos that work well for your particular occasion and recipient. Usually, resolution won't matter, so a photo taken from social media will work. However, clarity and proximity within the photo is important.

Can you combine multiple photographs into one portrait?

This is not the best choice, as angles and proportions will be different. Although I can’t guarantee it will work, I am willing to take a look at the photos you have in mind and let you know.

Do I get to see the work before I pick it up/it ships?

Yes! I will send you a draft of the artwork once it has been completed so that you have a chance to provide feedback and request any changes. I offer unlimited revisions and won’t deliver/ship your artwork until you are thrilled with the final product.

How long does it take?

Generally, I will get your artwork to you or the recipient within 3 weeks or less from the time the final photograph is selected. Some circumstances may change that timeline. For example, I allow you to make the final call on the artwork and make unlimited revisions to your portrait. I won’t deliver the artwork until you are thrilled with it, so depending on how long any revisions take, the delivery timeline may shift slightly. Other factors that may come in to play: *Extremely large or detailed pieces will take longer *Christmas is always a popular time for me. Please plan accordingly and allow for more time.